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Some selected works: 



Longtime contributor, former contributing editor


The Nation


  • “Pope’s Test: Women’s Place in Ministry” (reprinted in Miami Herald, Contra Costa Times, other newspapers).
  • "Striptease to Bare Our Fears," essay on the death of performance artist Danitra Vance from breast cancer at the age of 33
  • "Does Hollywood Hate Women?"

Next Avenue

New York Daily News

The Chicago Tribune

Years of features, essays, opeds and news briefs for the WomanNews section of the Chicago Tribune--e.g.:

  • "Forgotten in the Flock? Catholic Church Shows Little Mercy to Women Victims"
  •  "Oh Happy Day, on the ordination of Mary Ramerman to the priesthood in the Old CatholicChurch"
  •  "A Networking Pioneer Broadens Her Reach," my profile of Janet Tiebout Hanson
  •  "Drawn to Wounded Ground," on my visit to Ground Zero, NYC
  •  "Ready for Prime Time: Networks Should Address Realities of Condom Use"
  •  "At Issue: Will Other Doors Open? Debating Bush's Closing of the Women's Office".
  •  "Dozens of Cookies Later, the Hunger Still Isn't Satiated--What Are Americans Hungry for?"
  •  "For A Time, Living in the Past Was Pleasant," on Penny Marshall's filming of Riding in Cars with Boys on location in Westchester, New York.
  •  "Unwanted Pregnancies and Society's Tacit Complicity," on the sentencing of Amy Grossberg for the death of her newborn
  •  "The Unfinished Revolution," (profile of author/activist Susan Brownmiller) and Chicago Was at Center of Feminist Activity (sidebar)

Religion Dispatches 



  • "My Surgeon Made a Terrifying Error," personal essay on wrong-site surgery

 Triquarerly Review

  • "Bedtimes," essay in "Strong Medicine" issue, edited by Donna Seaman

 Women's Media Center

 Women and Hollywood

 Huffpost (one of scores blogs--see Quik Links, above)



  • "Blindsided," my personal essay in Grabbed: Poets and Writers on Sexual Assault, Empowerment and Healing  (Beacon Books, 2020), with a foreword by Joyce Maynard, afterword by Anita Hill.
  • "Making Love in the Dark," published in Ms., anchor piece for special section on STDs, reprinted in Reading Women's Lives, 3rd Edition, Women's Studies Department, Ohio State University, 2003.
  • "Confused by the Rules" (on sexual harassment at work, co-written with Ms. editor Gloria Jacobs, published in Ms.), reprinted in textbook entitled Human Sexuality (McGraw Hill, 2000) and an anthology entitled Sexual Harassment (Greenhaven Press, 2000).
  • "Kathy's Day in Court," Ms. cover story, on first teenager to go to court in Alabama to obtain permission for an abortion; reprinted in Transforming a Movement:  From Abortion to Reproductive Freedom (South End Press, Boston, 1990) and Modern Family Law: Cases and Materials (Aspen).
  • "Women and…?"  (about the decision to be child-free). Originaly published as an essay in Conscience, magazine of Catholics for Choice, published as a monologue in Short Plays on Reproductive Freedom (ed. Cindy Cooper with Stacey Linnartz) and performed at the  Words of Choice Reproductive Freedom Festival. 

  • "The Church's Tug of War--Women a Driving Force in Catholic Church Reform," The Nation, August 19, 2002, reprinted in Nothing Sacred: Women Respond to Religious Fundamentalism and Terror (Thunder's Mouth Press/Nation Books, 2002).
  •  “The Illegal Days,” my interview with Grace Paley that appears in The Choices We Made, published in Paley's memoir and final book, Just As I Thought.
  • Front Lines: Political Plays by American Women. Two excerpts ("A Father's Story" and Kathy Najimy's story) from my book "The Choices We Made" featured in “Words of Choice,” pro-choice theater by Cynthia Cooper.
  • DSM IV Case book of the American Psychiatric Association, “A Visit to Food Hell.”


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