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Welcome to My Website

Coming This Year!

Find me in two great upcoming collections--

  • My investigative report and Ms. cover story, "Kathy's Day in Court,"  in 50 Years of Ms.: The Best of the Pathfinding Magazine That Ignited a Revolution (Alfred A. Knopf). You can pre-order from Indie Bound, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble--today! 
  • My essay "Close Encounters of the Episcopal Kind," in editor/author/humorist Gina Barreca's collection Fast Fallen Women: 75 Essays of Flash Nonfiction, third in her popular Fast Women series (Woodhall Press).


And, a few past highlights of my work--


On sexual assault

 On the anniversary of the 19th Amendment 

On the pandemic

On abortion

On the Catholic Church

  • "Called to Account" -- Catholic Church Faces Unprecedented Moment of Reckoning," abridged online version of feature in Ms.


A compelling account of what dedicated Catholic women are accomplishing for the church they love."
--Publishers Weekly

"A thoughtful, coherent and impassioned call for answers to some of the most pressing questions facing the Catholic Church today."

--Dallas Morning News


 "These stories remain vivid for the reader long after the book is finished...Bonavoglia's book belongs in our classrooms and our libraries."
--Journal of American Catholic Studies



"I could build a small habitable cabin of all the books I read for research, but I'm especially thankful for The Choices We Made...which helped me wrap my post-Roe v. Wade mind around the pre-Roe v. Wade era.

--Novelist Myla Goldberg

Feast Your Eyes (2019)




"...brings a human dimension to the debate...Highly recommended."
--Library Journal


"Old and young, rich and poor, black and white, celebrities and unknown--the voices vary...but their stories have a powerful cumulative impact....not for the fainthearted."
--Kirkus Review