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Welcome to My Website

Recent Highlights of My Work

On sexual assault

 On the anniversary of the 19th Amendment 

On the pandemic

On abortion

On the Catholic Church

  • "Called to Account" -- Catholic Church Faces Unprecedented Moment of Reckoning," abridged online version of feature in Ms.



"Close Encounters of the Episcopal Kind," my essay in editor/author Gina Barreca's collection Fast Fallen Women, third in her popular Fast Women series (Woodhall Press, Fall, 2023).


My investigative report and cover story, "Kathy's Day in Court," in new collection, 50 Years of Ms., to mark and celebrate half a century of "reporting, rebelling and storytelling" (Knopf, December, 2023).


A compelling account of what dedicated Catholic women are accomplishing for the church they love."
--Publishers Weekly

"A thoughtful, coherent and impassioned call for answers to some of the most pressing questions facing the Catholic Church today."

--Dallas Morning News


 "These stories remain vivid for the reader long after the book is finished...Bonavoglia's book belongs in our classrooms and our libraries."
--Journal of American Catholic Studies



"I could build a small habitable cabin of all the books I read for research, but I'm especially thankful for The Choices We Made...which helped me wrap my post-Roe v. Wade mind around the pre-Roe v. Wade era.

--Novelist Myla Goldberg

Feast Your Eyes (2019)




"...brings a human dimension to the debate...Highly recommended."
--Library Journal


"Old and young, rich and poor, black and white, celebrities and unknown--the voices vary...but their stories have a powerful cumulative impact....not for the fainthearted."
--Kirkus Review