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So what else have I written?

The Chicago Tribune

Years of features, essays, opeds and news briefs for the WomanNews section of the Chicago Tribune--e.g.:

“Forgotten in the Flock? Catholic Church Shows Little Mercy to Women Victims," April 3, 2002.

"Oh Happy Day, on the ordination of Mary Ramerman to the priesthood in the Old Catholic Church," December 4, 2001.

"A Networking Pioneer Broadens Her Reach," my profile of Janet Tiebout Hanson, November 28, 2001.

"Drawn to Wounded Ground," on my visit to Ground Zero, October 17, 2001.

"Ready for Prime Time: Networks Should Address Realities of Condom Use," June 27, 2001

"At Issue: Will Other Doors Open? Debating Bush's Closing of the Women's Office," May 2, 2001.

"Dozens of Cookies Later, the Hunger Still Isn't Satiated--What Are Americans Hungry for?" January 31, 2001.

"For A Time, Living in the Past Was Pleasant," on Penny Marshall's filming of Riding in Cars with Boys on location in Westchester, New York, September 20, 2000.

"Unwanted Pregnancies and Society's Tacit Complicity," on the sentencing of Amy Grossberg for the death of her newborn, August 2, 1998.

"The Unfinished Revolution," (profile of author/activist Susan Brownmiller) and Chicago Was at Center of Feminist Activity@ (sidebar), November 24, 1999.

Ms. Magazine
Longtime contributor, former contributing editor, writing news, articles, reviews

"Sisters Act: US Nuns Respond to Vatican Pressure," Fall 2012.

“A Joyful Defiance: In spite of church, women ordained as Catholic priests,” Fall 2005.

"New Battleground for Survivors of Priest Child Sex Abuse,"Winter 2002.

"Cardinal Sins," about then NY Cardinal Egan's lobbying trip to Albany, June/July, 2001.

"Making Love in the Dark,@ anchor piece for special section on STDs, July/August, 2000. Reprinted in Reading Women's Lives, 3rd Edition, Women's Studies Department, Ohio State University, 2003.

"Confused by the Rules@ (on sexual harassment at work, co-written with Ms. editor Gloria Jacobs), May/June, 1998; reprinted in a textbook entitled Human Sexuality (McGraw Hill, 2000) and an anthology entitled Sexual Harassment (Greenhaven Press, 2000).

"After Prozac,"--personal essay, July/August, 1997.

"Late-Term Abortion: Separating Fact from Fiction," cover story, May/June, 1997.

"Breaking the Blue Wall of Silence," Profile of NYC Police Officer Daisy Boria, January/February, 1997.

"Clothes Encounters: Ms. Goes to the Fall Fashion Shows," August/September, 1995.

Interviews with breast cancer survivors for special issue on "The Politics of Breast Cancer," May/June, 1993.

"The Sacred Secret,@ investigative report on clergy sexual abuse in the U.S.," March/April, 1992.

"Kathy's Day in Court," on first teenager to go to court in Alabama to obtain permission for an abortion; cover story, April, 1988. Reprinted in (South End Press, Boston, 1990), and Modern Family Law: Cases and Materials ,ongoing editions (Aspen).

"The Ordeal of Pamela Rae Stewart," on nation's first prosecution for fetal abuse, September, 1987.

Ms. Blog

"Living Lopsided in a Symmetrical World," March 2, 2012.

The Nation

American Nuns: Guilty as Charged? May 21, 2012

Does the Pope Care About Workers’ Rights? April 13, 2008

The Church's Tug of War--Women a Driving Force in Catholic Church Reform," August 19, 2002 . Reprinted in Nothing Sacred: Women Respond to Religious Fundamentalism and Terror (Thunder’s Mouth Press/Nation Books, 2002).


“Pope’s Test: Women’s Place in Ministry,” May 19, 2005 (reprinted in Miami Herald, Contra Costa Times, other newspapers).

"Striptease to Bare Our Fears," essay on the death of performance artist Danitra Vance from breast cancer at the age of 33, September 29, 1994.
Does Hollywood Hate Women?@ November 20, 1981.

New York Daily News

In Prostitution Raids, Let's Remember Men Break the Law, Too


"My Surgeon Made a Terrifying Error," personal essay on medical malpractice case. August, 1999.


Triquarerly Review

"Bedtimes," essay in Strong Medicine issue, edited by Donna Seaman

And my work has also been excerpted in:

Just As I Thought, Grace Paley, “The Illegal Days,” my interview with Paley from The Choices We Made.

Front Lines: Political Plays by American Women. Two excerpts ("A Father's Story" and Kathy Najimy's story) from my book "The Choices We Made" featured in “Words of Choice,” pro-choice theater by Cynthia Cooper.

DSM IV Case book of the American Psychiatric Association, “A Visit to Food Hell.”