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If you’d like to hear me say more than I ever meant to say about my life and writing journey--about God, sex, my suffragist Grandma, Scranton, my mother, Ms. Lewis, marching for women’s rights, broken hearts, and more, tune in here for my guest appearance on Sandi Klein's great radio show/podcast, "Conversations with Creative Women."

Or, tune into "Women's Media Center Live with Robin Morgan" to hear Robin and I talk about my "To Do List on Women" for Pope Francis." Listen at Women's Media Center Live or on iTunes.


"A compelling account of what dedicated Catholic women are accomplishing for the church they love."
--Publishers Weekly

"These stories remain vivid for the reader long after the book is finished...Bonavoglia's book belongs in our classrooms and our libraries."
--Journal of American Catholic Studies

"A thoughtful, coherent and impassioned call for answers to some of the most pressing questions facing the Catholic Church today."
Dallas Morning News

One of the 10 top women's history books of 2005

Classic oral history, foreword by Gloria Steinem, interviews with Whoopi Goldberg, Anne Archer, Jill Clayburgh, Rita Moreno, Polly Bergen, Kathy Najimy, Grace Paley, Rev. Christine Grimbol, Ret. Marine Sergeant Jim Friedl, many more....

"Old and young, rich and poor, black and white, celebrities and unknown--the voices vary...but their stories have a powerful cumulative impact....not for the fainthearted."
--Kirkus Review

"...brings a human dimension to the debate...Highly recommended."
--Library Journal